Stop wasting time looking for a home job on the internet and start earning a paycheck. Our book, "Ready, Set, Work!" gives you easy access to more than 100 employers hiring at-home professionals. Get the book and get the job (you can thank us later).

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 Ready, Set, Work! The Ultimate Work From Home Guide & Job Directory

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The Ultimate Home Job Directory... Seriously!

Still searching for a real home based job? We know how hard they are to find. But they do exist and they're hiding in our book Ready, Set, Work! - The Ultimate Work From Home Guide & Job Directory. We've spent countless hours compiling our job directory, meticulously researching each and every employer to ensure they are legit. We did all of this hard work so you can stop searching for a home job and (finally) start working!

What it is:

It's a comprehensive job directory of over 100 companies hiring at-home professionals. It's 160+ pages full of tips and advice on landing the job, setting up your home office, recognizing scams, starting a home-based business, and more. It's the ultimate resource for anyone looking for real work from home and telecommuting opportunities.

What it's NOT:

If you're looking for some kind of money-making system, or a job that doesn't require any skills or experience, you've come to the wrong place. These are not like the so-called "jobs" you're used to seeing online (e.g. taking surveys, Google Adwords, affiliate marketing, money-making systems, etc). Real jobs from real companies - that's what we're about.

What others are saying

What others are saying...

"...a comprehensive "Work at Home" guide and Job Directory tailored for anyone looking for legit opportunities. Not your traditional affiliate marketing ebook or get rich-quick scheme. They have discarded any job opportunities that require "pay-to-work" and some other fishy type of companies. Very well written and organized. I completely recommend this great ebook." read more


So, what are the jobs?

These are real world, full & part-time, jobs from employers who outsource their jobs to at-home professionals. Most of these jobs require some skill and experience, and yes, you will have to submit a resume and be interviewed. Once you land the job, you will have the benefit of working out of the comfort of your own home. Below is a list of job categories you will find in our book. View a sample job listing

  • Customer Service
  • Tech Support
  • Writing
  • Teaching & Tutoring
  • Med. Transcription
  • Accounting
  • Web Design
  • Graphics Design
  • Research
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Translation
  • More...

Bet you never realized you could do all of those jobs at home, huh? There are so many great career opportunities available for home workers, you just need to know where to find them. We know you are skeptical (and we don't blame you), but if you have any interest in working from home, we really hope you will check out our book and let us help you find a great home job. Click here to learn more.